Bet-Secret or how to invest in sport betting!

Live Betting

Playing live matches - can be carried out at on line bookmakers: Unibet or bet-at-home



This method has some advantages over the betting before the match - because it gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing events.

Analyzing matches live and changing courses during the game depending on the situation "scored Goals" on the field can adopt certain strategies that under specified conditions can bring big profits in a relatively short period of time.





Here is one of them.

We choose for the day only from a set soccer live games in a bookmaker with the course before the start of match for the favorite is less than 1.80.

The rule is simple - if the favorite begins to lose 1-2 goals - automatically odds for its win and draw growing from 3.0 - draw  to over 7.0 - win (sometimes even higher)

In this moment we bet on the favorite ( usually it is the second part of the match)

Bet on win of the favourite and insurance a game with bet on a draw





Two methods of betting:

1. Cover - bet on the favorite at the moment when loses the match - bet on its winnings and a draw

Example we have 10 units for a game - bet on win - 6,66 units x7,0 odds = 46,66 units or if it came a draw we have return of a stake 3,34units x 3,0 odds

= 10,02 units

To this game we can use the table below:






2.Separate game to win, and separate game for a draw

To this game we can use the tables below:


Option WIN



 Option DRAW




Best to play this way is weekend because then there is a chance  "fish"live matches, with odds up to 1.8, even if one match (or more) to end with a defeat favourite team, we can still win another playing with a progression table

Another method - looking for match live in 25 - 30 minutes at the pre-match odds for the favourite below 1.80 - the current score is 0:0 - then we put the result to the end of one half will be 1-0 for the favourite - the odds is typically about above 7.0.

Bookie may withdraw betting on correct goal score over 31 minute of the match then it is still possible to placing a bet over 0.5 goals option - and odds closer to the end of one half is higher - and often teams like "shoot" the goal in the last minute of the game - the odds greater than 7.0


And this even in the case of surprise and scoring a goal in a worse team we have good odds


Methods of playing live matches is more - for example, playing a number of corners, cards, etc. show the possibility of such a game - appropriately distributed tactically progressive table so that the total investment in the game brought certain benefits.



Some bookmakers such as Unibet have an additional option in selecting Live matches called "Cash-In" - giving you the possibility early withdrawal if bet becomes the expected result (of course, then lower the odds) but You don't have to wait until the end of the match.